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New roof system and reconstruction old roof
PVC MEMBRANE waterproofing system is designed to create membrane roof coverings for all types of residential, 
public, administrative, industrial, agricultural, sports and similar buildings with a flat or pitched roof. The system is 
suitable for all roof designs, i.e. single-, two- and multi-ply roofs, ventilated and non-ventilated roofs, roofs with the 
standard arrangement of a thermal insulation layer, inverted or combined roofs, flat, pitched and steep roofs, roofs 
open or closed to pedestrian traffic, vehicular traffic roofs, roofs with aggregate or soil, green roofs and roof gardens, 
water roofs, photovoltaic roofs etc.
  • The roof covering typically includes a single membrane layer with a waterproofing layer thickness of 1.5 mm. 
  • The roof covering weight on the roof structure does not exceed 3.2 kg.m-2
  • All joints within the roof covering are made of high-strength and watertight welds and may be additionally secured. 
  • The roof covering offers long-term resistance to weather-caused corrosion including UV radiation. 
  • The roof covering is highly resistant to aggressive chemicals in the air, industrial pollution, extracts from concrete 

and a number of other substances. 

  • The roof covering features great strength, elongation at break and elasticity and maintains its end-use properties at 

temperatures between -30°C and +80°C. 

  • The roof covering meets building fire safety requirements as prescribed by Czech and European standards. 
  • A good degree of waterproofing membrane permeability for water vapours allows continuous moisture diffusion 

from the roof deck into the atmosphere. 

  • The roof covering surface provides good reflection and minimum absorption of solar heat radiation. 
  • Based on existing long-term practical experience and laboratory tests, the roof covering offers at least 25 years of 

service life. 

  • The roof covering is fully compatible with all accessories and auxiliary items within the PVC membrane system. 
  • The manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty on the functionality of  roof waterproofing membranes 

installed in accordance with this Instructions. 

  • Works can be carried out throughout the year, except rain, snow and temperatures below -5°C 
FATRAFOL 810 (for mechanically fastened systems), FATRAFOL 818 (green roof or loaded roof system)
Nonwooven geotextil 300g/m2