Polyvinyl chloride PVC waterproofing membrane is an excellent high-quality polymer waterproof sheet, made of PVC resin by adding plasticizer, anti-UV agent, anti-aging agent, and stabilizer and other processing aids through extrusion and molding. As the highly-recommended product, it is featured by high tensile strength, great elongation, good stability, small shrinkage, low-temperature performances, good resistance to weathering and root penetration, and long service life.

Due to unique product formulation, the product has the longer life far beyond the usual waterproof material. The entire water system is over 30 years on the roof and 50 years underground. It is widely used in construction and civil engineering. FATRAFOL is a waterproofing system developed by Fatra experts. The very first PVC waterproofing membrane was developed in Fatra in 1956 under the FATRAFOL brand. The range of products includes rooofing and undeground membranes, linner ponds and photovoltaics roofing membranes.

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